Shunra VE Desktop for MS Visual Studio

Shunra VE Desktop for MS Visual Studio 5.0

Microsoft Visual Studio plug-in to run WAN Emulation software
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VE Desktop for Microsoft Visual Studio is a one-of-a-kind solution that provides developers with the capability test code that will run over the production network. Bugs found in design and development are exponentially cheaper to fix than in any other phase of the application lifecycle. This desktop solution enables a powerfully integrated solution for Microsoft Visual Studio users to set WAN emulation parameters while developing applications, and run basic or advanced network emulation. Design new applications and ensure they are "network-aware" from step one. VE Desktop for Microsoft Visual Studio is designed to serve the needs of:
- Software and application developers
- Software architects
- QA engineers
- Application performance engineers
Users value this integrated solution to test code that will run over the production network. VE Desktop for Microsoft Visual Studio is a unique solution that provides developers with the ability to test application readiness for the network, before releasing the application to network testing and production. By incorporating network validation into design and development, you will be able to:
- Succeed in management of scheduled delivery dates
- Save time by not having to do reworks of the application
- Impress your peers by being able to find and fix network bugs faster
- Add more value to the application development process, ultimately contributing to decreased time-to-market.
Other uses include:
- Multiple access requests: Multiple requests are fast over the LAN, but slow over the WAN. Bundling requests or decoupling unrelated requests can greatly improve performance.
- Authentication inefficiencies: Remote users take longer and require more server resources to authenticate. Designing systems to scale without understanding these variables will invalidate your results.
- Web page design: Large images, improper use of caching or other HTTP inefficiencies will not be revealed by normal LAN-based testing.

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